Providing Warranties with Used Cars

Steve Devereaux
Does anyone provide a warranty with their used cars? Do you outsource the warranty? I'm interested in knowing some companies that have warranties that you can put on vehicles and how much it costs.. I know that Zurich has a program. They can go back 8 model years. The good thing about it is a customer can take it to another dealership if they live far away. Here were the ESTIMATED prices (I'm remembering from the top of my head) $100 Deductible $140 - 3/3,000 Warranty $200 - 6/6,000 Warranty I know they have some other options available as well.. Does anyone know of any good companies??? Thanks!
Chris Costner
Steve I have been with EasyCare for many years and they do a great job with providing coverage for a large spectrum of used vehicles. Also, there is a great section at the top of the page for "Vendor Ratings" which is full of great feedback on various products.
Steve Devereaux
Hi Chris, Thanks for the information. Do you know how much they charge per car for the warranties? I couldn't find them under the vendor ratings :/ I'm not sure what category they are in. Thanks again.
Chris Costner
Hello Steve, I think I may have misunderstood. Are you looking to provide warranty options for purchasing clients or a warranty that is with the vehicle to market? Chris
Bryan Armstrong
We outsource ours through the Ibarra/Brito Group. Lots of options and great people to work with.
Steve Devereaux
@Chris. I was talking about providing warranties with used vehicles at no charge to the customer. Thanks Bryan. I will check them out. Do you sell their service contracts as well?

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