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Adam Ross
When consumers are shopping for a pre-owned car, they want to be assured, by an INDEPENDENT source, that: 1) they're getting a good deal 2) they're buying a reliable vehicle, and 3) they're dealing with a reputable dealership. When potential customers are shopping your preowned inventory on YOUR website, how do they know that your offer is a great deal? With PureCars Value Reports, that's how! As customers shop YOUR dealership's website for PreOwned Cars, each vehicle detail page will contain a unique PureCars Pricing Graph. This graph will show the top value highlight for the vehicle and link to the PureCars Value Report. The Value Report ties in all of the Top Highlights, Manufacturer Certification, Low Miles, Market Comparisons, Carfax or AutoCheck info, Map with Hours, and Customer Testimonials through DealerRater. This report independently shows customers when you're priced below the market, and highlights all the other unique value offered by your vehicles when you aren't, justifying why that vehicle commands a premium. It will ALWAYS show your vehicle to be the best value on the report. Now with independent PureCars Value Reports, you can show your customers that your cars are priced in line with their Value! With PureCars, not only do you get it all, but also it's fully automated. There's no setup, no training to learn, no headaches to have! 30-Day FREE Trial! * Month to Month Service with No Contract - pay by check or credit card * Only $299.95 per month after 30-day trial. Call Adam Ross at (201) 481-1424 to learn more or visit https://purecars.com/dealersignup/FirstStep.aspx?u=infiniteprospects to sign up NOW! Offer Expires: August 31, 2010 http://www.infiniteprospects.com/new/purecars.php

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