Quality vs. Quantity?

Dan Ferguson
http://www.autonews.com/article/20150209/RETAIL03/302099953/how-chevy-pulled-off-its-super-bowl-blackout A little behind on my business reading, but there are some great points in this article. Audiences are increasingly finicky, and targeting them at exactly the right time with a very well thought out message is crucial. Quality advertising that hits a smaller audience is better than the alternative. I'll acknowledge that there is something to be said for quantity when you're working on building a brand, in which case impact and frequency are important. What do you think? What type of strategy does your dealership employ?
mark rask
We try to have a mix of both
Grant Gooley
Hey Dan, good point. Lets look at it this way... A billboard on the side of a large highway, definitely looking at quantity here with a goal of BRAND AWARENESS. Now, on the other hand we also want to drive quality traffic to the dealership as well. (Loyalty flyer to a segmented audience) Like Mark said, a mixture is good! Don't limit yourself. (Quantity Marketing) Top of mind awareness pairs really nice with relevant, segmented targeting. Id love to hear others opinions on this. Grant
Sami Aqqad
I agree with the mix, I would concentrate on quality more.
Megan Barto
In most things, I say quality is better than quantity.

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