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Shannon Hammons
What is your opinion on Eleads1one CRM, IlM and Desking Tools? I really just want input from people at dealerships that use this everyday. No offense, but I don't want to have to sift through a lot of vendors giving their opinion or pitching their products. Thanks
Jason Stum
Shannon, we've had eLead at our stores for 6 years or so. It's a solid CRM & ILM and although I haven't personally used the desking tool, I know it's pretty popular inside our stores. The reporting is strong and we've always received superior customer service from their team. We tend to send in a bunch of custom requests and they always deliver exactly what we're looking for. Now other than a brief stint with iMagicLab, eLead is the only CRM I've ever known so I can't compare it to any other. I just know it works well for us. Hope that helped!
Ashley Mabery
I have been on many CRM and my personal favorite is DealerSocket. They have always given great one on one service and the tool is very robust. From a management stand point there are more opportunities to run reports and to customize to my processes. That being said with any CRM change you should write down your processes for all lead types and then make a list of things that you need a CRM to do based on the processes you already have. Make sure any CRM you go to already has these capabilities before moving so you don't have to change your process to fit the new CRM.
mark rask
dealer socket does well for us
mark rask
we have been with them for several years......we had reynolds prior to that
cathy low
By far ... Dealer Socket. Easy to use, great reporting! Plus once a year they offer a Dealer Socket Summit in So. Cal. where they hold hour long learning sessions from the best in the industry. We've been a Dealer Socket user for 10 years now/ LOVE THEM

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