Question: If you were short a salesperson / Internet Sales person / Soical Media person / On a heavy day

Russ Chandler
I suppose if you were really in a bind and could still at least monitor his activity to ensure the execution was correct, then I would consider it. It would worry me that someone could execute correctly and have enough impact to be worth the risk. Without any previous experience with your specific dealership or even industry it could be worthless or even backfire. His credentials in the industry would be highly influential on making the call.
Ron Henson
Seems like a flawed model in my opinion. If you're short a person, that's when management, and even executive management, step in and roll up their sleeves.
Megan Barto
You should have multiple people across the store who can do multiple people's jobs. For example, my GSM went from Salesperson --> F & I Manager --> Used Car Manager --> GSM. So when we're short an F & I Manager, he'll step in. I went from Salesperson --> Internet Director --> Marketing. So yes, I still go in on Saturdays from time to time (not today) & actually will take a fresh up when we're short on salespeople. I would never ever consider "renting" an employee for the day. They're not familiar with our processes, our standards, the way we treat customers. It would entail too much hand-holding, from management & would defeat the purpose of "renting" someone. We have sister stores near us, & I would (& have) share employees with them. I think it would be better to have a plan/process in place for utilizing other employees & cross-training. Everyone takes a vacation (or should)- shouldn't you be prepared for it?
Great comments .. Thank you ALL
Duane Lephart
I have a very simple solution for your question. I love the art of selling and no matter what our Business Title's set forth in our daily agenda's where ALL not just some but ALL Sales People Period. And I Love the adoption of our dealership's who have cross training in every area of Sales. Finance & Insurance, Internet, and so on. Let's get off the Title does this philosophy. I worked for a Lexus Dealership once over 13yrs ago where the dealer Principle was on the Floor on Saturday's, held every position in the dealership, but showed true genuine sincerity to roll up his sleeve's and help close a deal right there with you. This is where I learned the true benefit's of TEAM selling. He was no better than anyone else, he just wanted to lead by example, and with that being said, it's shouldn't be an option not to familiarize and cross train our SALES staff, because at the end of the day where all Sales People.
Nice DL

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