Recording Phone Calls

Ron Henson
Are you recording inbound as well as outbound calls? If so, how are you using the recordings? Do you use the outbound call tracking to take better advantage of your CRM tool? Are your salespeople allowed to use their cell phones for outbound calls? If so, how do you reconcile the accountability factor in your CRM?
Elise Kephart
Salespeople can fake all the calls they want, the accountability factor is how many people are you "connecting with", how many appointments are set, how many show, and how many cars are you selling. I would call from my office line, manually log it-leave a vm for the customer. Same day, 2 hours later, call from the CRM-(system log)no vm, if I got their vm. Same day, 2 hours later, call from my personal cell phone, (manual log) no vm, if I got their vm. Same day, office line again (manual log) with a vm-if I got their vm. iMagiclab has a leaderboard and reality score that tracks stuff like this so you can who's a pretender and who the real players are!
Elise Kephart
California won't record outbound calls, but will record the inbound calls that are called back through the CRM and the ones called with tracking numbers from the websites.
Ron Henson
That's great stuff Elise. Glad to see you commenting in the forums because people can learn a lot from you!
Elise Kephart
Thanks Ron! Glad to be here :)
Christopher Murray
We record incoming calls and I play them back with the other managers to see if our script is still intact. We ask that all outbound calls be done on the internal phones but have had mixed results with that one. As managers we, at every level, will take inbound calls as often as the sales staff not only to stay sharp with our skills but to use OUR failures as the teaching tool! We NEVER play back a salesperson's call to them or any of the other salespeople.

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