Recruiting veterans

Bart Wilson

I know I'm a day late, but Veteran's Day got me thinking about my time in the dealership.  I had great luck hiring ex-veterans in sales, and I'm sure some of them have a skill set that transfers well into fixed ops.

Anyone have a plan they can share about how to recruit and hire more veterans into dealerships?  Why do you think we can't get more in automotive?  What would you need to help you hire more veterans?

Drew Bettiol

I would say from a data perspective you would need to find out who in the area has served in the military and reach out to them via phone or facebook. I have 3 veterans I work with, they're some of our best salespeople. I would say it's harder getting them in automotive given the constant ups and downs of the business. It can be extremely stressful as well so I think that would just not be the best from a mental health standpoint as well. This is just my take and thinking out loud of possibilities. 

Bart Wilson

@Drew, I know there are companies out there that help with recruiting.  I agree with my experience in hiring veterans.  

Who has been successful in sourcing and hiring?

Martins Ville

I'm US Marines. My ex boss hired me back in 2007 and we were on the same ship back in the 80's. He'd be nuts not to hire me. I'd say the constant up and downs per Drew, can be said of anyone. Those who are used to a set wage may not adjust well. This is not a military issue . Military are adaptive and follow orders, and think about the team concept. I endured white glove inspections every Tuesday for 4 years, so it's nice to know I can not only create an entire website and internet department and fill the floor with leads and sell them myself, I'll never let a car go before I look or over, and give it the Marine Corps touch. This is a long distance race.

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