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Quincy Armstrong
Are there any good "standalone" products to monitor review websites that are better than Google Alerts? I am not interested in products that include SEO or social media services.
Brian Pasch
For a very affordable price's Social Relationship Manager (SRM) has the features you want and also integrates content syndication. I wrote about the product on this blog post Dominion Dealer Solutions also has a product called Prime that will also do what you want, so check them out as well. Here is a link for more information on the product:
Brian Pasch
Here is a direct link for Prime:
Not to toot in our own horn here but Cobalt came out with a great and very affordable solution as well, and is receiving from our clients enormous praise about the accuracy and efficiency we provide as a service in just a short time being in the market with it. Here is the link to the information page, and I would just give the team a call and ask for more information and may be demo...
Brent Albrecht
Hi Quincy, our SOCIALDEALER platform has what our customers tell us is the best reputation management tools in the industry.Not only do we monitor reviews from review sites, but we also pull comments from FB and Twitter that mention your business, applying a sentiment score to each comment, so you can track what people are saying about you even when they don't post it on a review site. You can track what they are saying about your competitors and your brands also. If you are interested in a no obligation demo, just let me know. Thanks
Nick Cybela
Have you checked out HubSpot? Http://

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