Response time vs. close rate - a source for stats?

Linda Loepker
Does anyone have a reliable source for an article or stats showing the importance of quick response time to internet leads? I came in this morning to 5 unanswered web leads - one of them 3 days old. Thanks!
Michael Smith
Here is one article talking about the importance. Digging a little deeper to get you more.
Michael Smith
Here is another blog from Joe Webb. His talks about time (15 minutes) and other items for lead management. Rikes group for one price strategy mandates 9 minutes on hours for quality response.
Linda Loepker
Thank you so much Michael and Chris! I think our salesmen see the internet leads at a bother, especially the third party ones from GM. One or 2 phone calls, an email - no response, it's considered a dead lead. Thanks for the links to the articles. I will share with them. We will be starting our BDC next week. We are very small, and we all get pulled in different directions when people are off. Our BDC rep has been covering parts for over 2 weeks, and before that we had a guy out with surgery, so he was covering his job. Not sure what's going to happen when we are short-staffed again though. Hopefully we are all healthy and can get this going now! It's been a long time coming for me.
Michael Smith
You're welcome Linda. As long as an effort is made and not giving up on a lead you will do well.

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