Reynolds and Reynolds DMS users using DealerSocket?

Whitney Medved
Just wondering if there are any Reynolds and Reynolds DMS users out that on DealersSocket. How does that work? Any issues with syncing? How does it compare to using R&R contact management?
Whitney, we have over 1000 dealers that use us and ReyRey in a fully approved/integrated fashion. If you don't get enough commenters on this board feel free to email me or call me and I can get you a laundry list of references. Best, Jonathan CEO DealerSocket
Bryan Armstrong
We were on DealerSocket with ReyRey as a DMS prior to switching to Vinsolutions and never had any issues. It worked exceptionally well with Service.
Bryan Armstrong
As far as going from Contact Management to comparison. You will love it amd save a TON of "mapping" time and quit having those Customers that go into a "Black Hole" and you can never find again because you forgot to tell CM what to do with them after 4-5 years. Much more intuitive with fail-safes built in ie. surveys, reminders, etc.
Jim Taylor
I looked at Contact Management. It was a nightmare. I spent a year researching the CRM company for our dealership. Dealer Socket is the way to go. There are no issues with syncing. It's as easy as F12 in the F&I office and the sold unit shows on the dashboard real time in Dealer Socket. It's the people at Dealer Socket that make the difference.
Whitney Medved
Hello All, thanks for the feedback. My understanding is that we were on VinSolutions about 4 years ago, prior to me working here. We switched back to CM because Vin did not integrate well with the DMS. We can all agree that all CRM products have improved leaps and bounds in the last few years, but I know ReyRey can be finicky, and wouldn't want to go through all the hoops of a switch if we'll be right back where we started. Also, I was checking out reviews on this site and it looks like the majority of newer ones are negative?

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