Risky Hires That Paid off?

Sherri Riggs

I know there are lots of programs for ex-convicts to learn automotive tech, and then you have new grads who are ready for their first job... but you might not be ready for them.

So my question is, what are some risky hires you've brought on that paid off in the long run?

Derrick Woolfson

I had an employee who had no auto experience - was a waiter - but they were willing to learn. No one agreed with me, but I had a good feeling. That employee ended up doing extremely well moving up with the company before departing to pursue a huge opportunity within the BDC world. Their work ethic and the way they answered the interview questions struck a nerve with me. It is extremely rare to find people that are that passionate, and willing to pursue a new adventure. Everyone has to start from somewhere. 

Sherri Riggs

I love that derrick! I believe the interview style that shows how much a person is willing to learn, or how well they can adapt is the best kind. Things are always changing inside the automotive industry, someone with the "right" experience, may not excel as well as someone who is wants to work hard and can learn quickly.

Derrick Woolfson

Exactly! And besides that, too, I believed that their “outside” experience in customer service was valuable. As they had to manage several orders at once, deal with high expectations, and keep up a friendly smile & attiude. As well as the fact that outside experience can bring new and innovative ideas to the table that we’d otherwise not have thought of! 

Amanda Gordon

We once hired a felon due to selling and distributing marijuana. One of the best sales people i've EVER ran into.

Mark Rask

We dont shy away from taking a risk on a person....that person usually does well for us 

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