RV Website Providers...Who are the good ones??

James Klaus
Looking for a website provider for my RV Store. For the last few years I have been using automotive platforms and doing a lot of work arounds. Anybody have any thoughts on this?
Cody Jerry
Just code it yourself with Wordpress :P Have you considered any of the RV website providers? No idea on costs from them, but they do some of the largest RV companies in the Nation.
James Klaus
Cody, I have been looking at RV providers just was looking for some feedback. Thanks for taking a shot at my coding skills!
Jon Fisher
We worked with DealerFire (http://www.dealerfire.com) to develop our new website, and we launched it last week. We're still ironing out the wrinkles, but DealerFire's been easy to work with and competent. They are primarily positioned to service traditional car dealerships, but they were more than willing to make customizations to suit the RV industry's needs.
James Klaus
Thanks Jon! Are they exporting your inventory to RVT.com or RVTrader.com etc? Are you having to manipulate feeds like crazy or has this been easy? In my experience I have spent many hours working on feeds etc that an RV website platform's backend tool would have eliminated. My only issue with RV Website platforms is most are not very user friendly. I greatly appreciate your feedback!
Jon Fisher
Yes they are. They contacted each of the 3rd party listing services we use and set up the proper XML feeds for them. It's been a mostly painless process. Any of the hurdles were on our end or with getting data from the previous provider.

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