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Jared Hamilton
How do you currently pay them today (sales vs service BDC agents)? With that starting point i think we could give you some good feedback. Do you reward your service BDC agents for the service gross they book or just on the appointment? Likewise on the sales side - do you pay per appointment showed, or car sold (volume) or gross? One way to get them all on the same pay plan would be to put them on a simple commission schedule: Base salary (or hourly rate) plus x% of service gross generated from your appointments x commission per car sold off your appointments An example of a volume based pay plan would be like: Base salary (or hourly rate) plus: x flat bonus when you achieve _____ amount of service gross sold y additional flat bonus when you achieve ______ bigger amount of service gross sold etc
Jennifer Boland
I have consulted for several BDCs as well as run several in dealerships. I believe in an hourly rate plus a bonus on appointment shows and sales. I typically bonus $2.50 for a shown service appointments because majority of them will be oil changes and especially when you have calls directed into the BDC. I usually start their sales bonuses at $10 for shows and $15 for sold that way you have the opportunity to raise it based on a volume accomplishments or for long-term employees. This also varies due to the demographic location of the dealership as well as domestic verses high-line brands. A successful BDC agent will make 100-400 outgoing calls a day, not easy to do long term, it takes a very special person. That being said my experience has proven whether I pay more or less I typically get the same results and turnover, so I try to keep the pay as cost effective and results driven as possible for the dealer and make sure the BDC Manager is compensated well so they stay and are the staple in the department. I have several pay plans I would be willing to share... Feel free to reach out or contact me for further discussion. Jennifer (209) 482-0423

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