Sales Board

Victoria Dillabough

What do you guys use as a "sales board" to track writes and sales ? (pending F and I vs. delivered) etc? 

Martins Ville

The best way is to create a spreadsheet in Google Drive. Yo wherever. Create new account, and this can be shared on any other screen simultaneously, when logged into the universal account.

Sales person across top, list customer name and stock below. 

Highlight green when delivered, Yellow pending.

Victoria Dillabough

We do this now! Just thought maybe there was a slicker way that would auto update or something out there!! 

Derrick Woolfson

@Victoria, I second Martins on this one. We had been using a whiteboard, but that can and does look tacky, especially when customers can see it. I am an AVID fan of Google. It easily allows us to track sales - albeit, it is a lot of manual work. We have tried many times to use the CRM by auditing the reports vs. DMS sold deals but with names changing (due to duplicate leads), it became too much of a hassle to track it this way. I have yet to see a CRM that offers a "multiple" sold report, which entails how many leads are possibly associated with the sale of the vehicle.

Martins Ville

We have the salespeople do it. Takes 1 minute, and occurs immediately after the sale is written up. There are many Excel pros available for hire online who can work up a really slick spreadsheet with anything you can imagine.

Marc @ Autobahn Academy

Google Sheets is the best. Live, plus you can insert an unlimited amount of notes, status, all in real-time.

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