Sales Books

Ron Henson
What is your favorite sales book and how have you used it in training your staff?
Lauren Moses
I have a few laying around my office left from the old GM who used to have the office. I have as of yet made it to reading them. Can't wait to see insights and start a work reading list.
Ron Henson
One of my favorites of all time is "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill. There are hours worth of sales meetings in that gem!
Lauren Moses
I'll definitely have to look it up. Barnes and Noble maybe?
Ron Henson
Hi Lauren, I'm sure they would have it. Also,
Dennis Galbraith
Great pick for sales attitude and motivation Ron. Here is some diversity: * Harvard Business Review on Sales and Selling (Research and Theory) * Birth of a Salesman, The Transformation of Selling in America by Walter A. Friedman (Sales History) * Sales Integration by Dennis Galbraith (had to throw that in)

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