Sales calls from the forums

Kimberly Cooley
Is it typical to be inundated with cold calls from vendors all saying they saw my comments in the forums here yesterday?
Steve Tuschen
I have never gotten one of those calls.
Clint Jones
I actually made a comment about this in the Vendor Overload thread. I don't know if it is typical, but I darn sure get a lot of calls because of my posts.
Dustin Lyons
I might send a private message to someone who seems to have an interest in what I offer, so to keep the thread from turning into too much solicitation from vendors. The funny thing is I did contact a dealer through the message service on this website and he was very interested in what we do, and asked if I would call him. One time when I was speaking to him he said he had several other vendors randomly call him about what he had posted, so I guess it does happen. If all you dealers would just buy from all of us vendors then we wouldn't have to try and contact you ;-) (that was sarcasm just in case anyone missed it)
Clint Jones
I guess for me, I think that the sales pitches should be segregated in a vendor section. No offense to any vendor, but unless you have in fact sat in our DON'T understand. Your goal is to get another piece of that gross profit. Maybe your product actually helps generate gross profit, maybe it doesn't. As a business owner, my first instinct when problem solving is not to throw money at it. Adding vendors typically causes MORE problems, it does not solve problems. I am not active in these forums to find another vendor. I am active in an effort to learn from my peers. I am here to maximize my existing efforts BEFORE I ever decide to throw money at a problem. Now, if one of my peers refers me to, or suggests a vendor......that is a completely different situation.
Tony Wood
I received a number of calls as well. It does cease after you completely ignore them.

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