Sales Manager Audit

Travis Williams

Have you ever audited your sales managers to see where they are spending all their time? There is often a lot of busywork that others can be doing. Curious if anyone has ever tried it?

Chris K Leslie

If you had others do the busy work. What would you want that new focused time spent on? 

Derrick Woolfson

@Travis, a lot of time is wasted by their not having a process in place - one of the things we had sales managers do in the past during "downtime" was calling customers that had not sold or customers who had credit apps completed but did not come in. As far as auditing their time, I would just focus on the end-result - i.e. are they hitting their sales objectives, are the sales consultants making their phone calls and following-up? 

Bart Wilson

I feel that the "touchy-feely" activities get skipped when there is too much busy work.  1 on 1's with salespeople, goal setting, and individual coaching should be at the top of the sales manager list, not at the bottom.  

Chris K Leslie

Youre spot on Bart. More focus needs to be put on those things. The problem is though is that in most businesses managers are responsible for managing people. IN the car biz, Managers are responsible for people but also desking all the deals. So there either needs to be more separation or more time given for non desking deals activities. 

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