Sales Meeting Topics.

Sheri Hudspeth
What are some of the topics you cover in your weekly sales meetings? We have 2 teams and have short daily meetings at the start of every weekday and on Friday we have a longer one with all Sales/Internet/Finance/GM to kick off the weekend. Do you do your meetings to motivate? teach? What about ages and experience do you take in mind seasoned vets and green peas and how content will reach them differently?
Shawn Ryder
Going back a few years - used to open meetings with an exercise called the numbers game... would allow them to connect numbers on a page that look confusing but once they are taught the pattern opens up their eyes... supports the idea that training and a process is important (and includes a few laughs). Also think it is important to get them out of their seats and not simply talk "to" them... do spin chart activities and break them up in groups to answer questions with feedback.
Jonathan Dawson
@Sheri, So great to see a manager looking for ways to motivate and educate their team. There are different categories of "meetings" to be held for your sales team : Sales Informational meetings: Topics - sales specific and sales related topics that directly impact the sales team; incentives, save a deal, new inventory, share "global" information about the dealership, current pace, staff changes, etc. Attendees - available sales, sales managers, GSM, and sales support staff; bdc, internet Frequency - once a week (Tuesday) Motivational meetings: Topics - hope, growth, possibilities, incentives, contests, prizes, awards, inspiration Attendees - available sales, sales managers, GSM, and sales support staff; bdc, internet Frequency - twice a week (Monday | Saturday) Educational meetings: Topics - sales tactics, objection handling, closing, goals/pacing, prospecting, branding Attendees - available sales, sales managers, GSM, and sales support staff; bdc, internet Frequency - six times a week (Wednesday am & pm | Thursday am & pm | Friday am & pm) Educational meetings should be topical and skill based. Feel free to reach out if I can offer any additional insight or help, (612) 387-7776
Sheri Hudspeth
Thanks Johnathan, our team ranges in ages from 30+ year car guys to 1-2 month new salesmen so Im conscious to try to bring to the table something the new guys can learn from and something that the 30yr+ guys haven't heard before....that in itself is the challenge to keep everyone engaged and improving constantly.
Grant Gooley
We are shifting into a whole new world of consumer shopping behaviour. As a Director of Marketing I don't personally hold sales meetings myself, however I have a suggestion for you. Wouldn't it be beneficial to talk about new technology and how it effects our shoppers? Maybe talk about some tips and tricks to help the sales team use technology to their benefit to help them sell more cars! Just a thought :)
Sheri Hudspeth
@grant .....Thats how I ended up here. Awesome articles and insight on this forum!

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