Sales Mgr Report Card

Ty Bullard

Was looking at criteria to put into a Sales Mgr report card.  What are some things you would want in your report card to measure how effective the sales mgr is being?  I know obviously we look at how many cars we sell but what are the process things and action items that need to be done that produce the results of selling cars?  Just trying to put together a report card for my sales manager that is effective, helpful, and  accountable.  Thanks 

  • Manager T.O.s vs Showroom Visits
  • Sales Manager follow-up on Unsold Showroom Traffic
  • Average front gross profit per new and used unit

Sales training frequency and competence of the sales process and ability to teach it to sales staff?

Ty Bullard

Great stuff.  I agree with all of it.  Thanks for responding.  I just want it to be effective and helpful to the sales manager.   But one thing we don't do a good job of in this business is telling our people how they are doing and where they stand.  Think this could be a tool to help communicate some of those important things 

Steven Martin

I think the most important factors are the one's we all know are missing. Leadership, an investment in training (themselves and the team) and a focus on creating the most value in the dealership's brand. They have to be bought into the life, the methods, and most importantly all the people involved in the other two. 

R. J. James

Ty... Keep it simple, four to six metrics and focus on metrics that produce sales, gross profit, and employee retention.  Also, automate the report so it cannot be manipulated by the Sales Manager, GM, or Dealer. 

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