Sales vs. Service

Bart Wilson

How does your dealership work to reduce the divide between sales and service?

Derrick Woolfson

This is a great question, Bart! And an ongoing issue dealers face. To alleviate the tension between both of the departments it starts from the top. The management team has to be on the same page regarding how they are going to work together, and while they might not agree on everything at least they are united. We also have to realize that both departments are equally important, despite running as two separate entities. If we do not sell customers vehicles we will not have them to service, and as we know - it is not that easy to conquest in service. 

Chris K Leslie

Most folks might be doing this already but something i've been working on is creating a small department (2 people) who's main focus is warranties, service contracts and vehicle exchange. They work with the drive to identify folks who's warranty is about to expire and talk to them about extended contracts. They also work with our body shop and finding folks whos cars are totalled or need huge repairs and work with them on our vehicle exchange program. It helps because the service team and the body shop team know that they can work with a small group of people instead of trying to work with a revolving sales force.

Derrick Woolfson

@Chris, that is a huge opportunity! That is something we are trying to work on now, actually - we have training scheduled for next week. 

Steven Anderson

Team should work as one mech. No need to divide.

Mark Rask

chris that brilliant

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