Salespeople - Born? Or Built?

Earl Brown
ohh I LOVE that DealerFire, I took the assessment and it said I was an extrovert. I wonder though...the ambivert. I wonder what the numbers look like. How many people would be classified as ambiverts? I totally agree that introverts have a lot to offer. I too have learned a lot from them. I credit a few introverts in my life for really setting me up with critical thinking skills and a very calculated approach to my sales pitches. very interesting thanks for sharing that
Mike Elliott
Thanks for the Link, DealerFire. I took the assessment and I'm an ambivert too. I've known a lot of great salespeople who were more to either side of the spectrum. Extroverts are great at breaking the ice and making people feel comfortable, and often introverts are the best listeners. Also, many salespeople adapt to their prospect. If a potential customer is a talker, just listen and learn. And if they aren't very talkative, ask some engaging questions.
Christopher Murray
I have over ten years of training and developing salespeople in my 30 year career and I truly believe the best are BORN! I can train, educate, inform, practice, drill and rehearse all day long but desire, drive and discipline, exhibited in all great salespeople, cannot be taught. I offer that as a truly humble opinion.
Earl Brown
love that Chris, I couldnt agree more. Top performing salespeople I believe have an "un-teachable" element. I refer to it as the "Extrovert" personality type. There is only so much good training and word tracks will be able to do for a person who is not outgoing and highly social.

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