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Fabian Duensing
Hi our Dealership in East WIndsor NJ, needs an update on our phone system, hardware as well as software. Because we have no experience with vendors for phone systems, we need some help. Where to start with and what system / vendor can be recommended? Thanks!
Fabian Duensing
Our BDC should be supported by a new system, that helps to create statistics automatically, makes calling more comfortable and redirect calls, so no answering equipment is needed. In combination with Handsets for our sales personnel we want to create higher flexibility and use time at work more effective.
Lauren Moses
Have you tried looking under the Vendor Ratings yet? They offer lots of great vendors that you can read reviews on and it gives contact info on most. We don't have a BDC since we aren't large enough so I can't really help you there.
mark rask
Lauren has a good point
Fabian Duensing
Thanks for your comments. Sadly I could not find any vendor ratings for phone systems (hardware). In the last few days I met several representatives from different companies that sell phone systems. Also I got some recommendations from "NJ Car", such as "Line Systems" and "Garden State Telcom". Updates on these vendors will be up in the next days.
Fabian Duensing
Here are some details on what seems to be the best solution to update our old phone system: - go from analog to digital - add an operator system at the front desk (drag & drop calls) - new stationary phones with IP connection to computers (best for monitoring and administration through software) - add cordless phones with enough range to cover the dealerships property ( The option of VoIP (Voice over IP) is of great interest but maybe too expensive and difficult to set up.

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