Sell the Appointment

Ron Henson
What are some of the techniques that you use in the BDC to "sell the appointment."
Michael Bilson
A great word track that I have used in the past is this..." I know why your want answers, information and a pleasant no hassle/pressure process...that is why most people call "LET ME DO THIS"... I am going to set an appointment for you to deal directly with the assistant sales manager to help streamline the process so your experience will be hassle lets get the information necessary to do that .... I also think you should always make the caller feel special or smarter than the average Joe and let them know they are going to get a better experience, price or deal since they did call first doing the appointment is the reward for their smart decision to call first because it is helping to accomplish what they seek.
Matt Lowery
feed the greed. Understand people are greedy, you need to give them a reason to make and keep an appointment with you. There must be a benefit to it. Like, I'm going to have you meet with the manager who will be able to give you the lowest possible price.
Ron Henson
@Chris, would you prefer "build value in the appointment?" Truth is, you sell yourself, the dealership, the culture and the product with every interaction. Let's not kid ourselves.
Jeff Bollinger
100% Ron, you need to sell the experience, buying a car is an emotional decision, setting an appointment is just the appetizer to the main course, something to set the palette
Make sure the customer understands they are *LOSING* something if they don't commit to and keep an appointment. What part of your process will the customer feel pain if they don't get a chance to receive? Having the vehicle prepared and pulled up, a gift card incentive for an appraisal, there needs to be a strong CTA Even those that don't commit to an appointment will often call back to schedule an one if this is done well and immediacy is created the first time

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