Selling aged inventory

Marlo Halliday
Any referrals for selling a few new '14 Honda's and Mazda's? any good? Thank you, Marlo Halliday Operations Director Apostolakis Honda Mazda
Lauren Moses
Marlo, Have you put extra money on them for the sales staff? We just put 8 (4 used, 4 new) last week with $400 each on them and we are down to 3 left. Put a good amount of money that is over what the commission would normally be, but not so much as to hurt yourself. Make sure that you have any discounts you want on them on your website, and make a copy and give to each salesman so they are all on the same page. Also, get them on your social media.
Mary Lynch
A simple free thing you can do is add an overlay to the first vehicle image saying "2014 Savings" or something along those lines so that those images filter out to third party sites and stand out from the other vehicles. You can also spotlight them on Autotrader to get more eyes on them. Creating videos will help too.
Jay Gonzalez
We have tried both suggestions and I need other ideas on selling our last 3 2014 Hyundai Azera's. We have 2 of the base models and 1 Limited model. These are comparable to Toyota Avalon's, Lexus ES350,Nissan Maxima 3.5 SV, Buick LaCrosse Premium 1, and the Ford Taurus Limited FWD. Any ideas?
Sami Aqqad
I am guilty of having a lot of aged inventory I guess coming out of the end of the year does that. so we use OVE and Smart auction.
Jay Gonzalez
OVE and Smart auction? Please expound.

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