Selling used cars to make a profit

Aaron Falloon
I've been pointed here by somebody on I'm attempting to modernise my dad's used car business and in doing that I'm putting together a simple DMS for sole traders. I've done some research into the used car sales process and have written up a basic document on it. I would like feedback on the document. If you have anything you would change or add to it, could you please reply to this post? Also, if you know of any systems which cater to one-man dealerships, I'd be happy to here about them. You can find the document at
Jared Hamilton
Aaron, Ive looked at the document and have a few questions about it. Who is the document for? Is it meant to be a guide for you and your father? Just you? or for future employees? Also some background about the business and some info on you would be helpful. What does the store currently do today (volume sales, units in inventory, marketing budget, and experience levels in employees) I think it will be fun to help you modernize the operations by providing some feedback, just give me a little direction on where you are currently at. Im sure others will jump in and help you too. I think its really cool you are looking to grow and make a difference in your operations. Welcome to the DrivingSales community!
Thomas Ieracitano
Hi Aaron, It seems like this may even evolve into a business plan, mission statement, etc.. I agree with Jared in that there are many items to address; You may start with asking your father and yourself a few questions and you will both need to be on the same page. 1- Your Marketing to the Public as a Retailer 2- Inventory - what is your market that you want to target Start here and on my website there are a few free files to download, go to and click on the free files tab. Thomas Ieracitano

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