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Linda Loepker
I finally convinced our GM to sign up for this. Then I went and checked it out on some websites. Tried to submit a "lead". The only way to submit a lead on a specific vehicle is to go through the SCD process. As a consumer, I would not submit a lead through this system - it seems like an actual commitment to buy the car. I know it says it's not a commitment, but if FEELS like one. Especially if I just wanted to ask a question. So, the 29% close rate they are boasting - to me, you are just taking your website leads and now calling them "shop click drive" leads. Is that correct? Technically, you may not be gaining any leads - they are just called something else. Any dealerships using this - I would love to hear your thoughts!
Lauren Moses
Our owner does not like SCD. From everything I have seen, I'm not a big fan either to be honest. If it has been around for so long and doing so good, then why would there not be more dealers. I think there is a whopping 20 at most in Louisiana. I am also with you on the submitting the lead because of it feeling like a commitment. Though that is probably where they are getting a higher closing rate since they are supposed to be more "in market" shoppers.
Tony Wood
I don't have personal experience with the SCD process, but this is something I've seen quite a bit in reviewing different companies and software. There's a lot of snake oil salesman tactics being applied. It definitely sounds like they are manipulating their verbiage to make it sound like there will be in increase in sales when in all actuality they're probably filtering out more potential prospects because people don't want to dredge through a convoluted process.
Grant Gooley
Anything that "FEELS" like a purchase will scare people, hands down.
Linda Loepker
We are shelving it for now.
Shannon Hammons
I deleted my previous comments.

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