Should Car Dealerships Should Rethink Sales Pay Plans?

Matt Lamoureux
Would the moderator please update this title to read: "Should Car Dealerships Rethink Sales Pay Plans?" Thank you!
Larry Yockey
Changing your pay plan will not make your people care more....
Brad Hensley
I think you are swimming upstream here. I definitely think that you can change the way pay plans are paid however if it is not based immediately on results your turnover will quadruple because they dealer down the street will pay on immediate results (like profit). David Ibarra just discussed a different pay plan at DrivingSales Presidents Club based on a "score card".
Matt Lamoureux
Hi Gentlemen, Thank you for your feedback. Brad, I agree that I am swimming upstream, but isn't that what one must do when thinking outside the box? Clearly there will be resistance to change; there always is. I would expect that. By the way, thank you for introducing me to David Ibarra's post. I will look into that now. Have a great day gentlemen! Matt
Brad Hensley
I swim upstream as well so I didn't mean to come off negative with that, however, I think you should focus on getting your sales team to buy into the why of your company rather than motivating with them by pay plans. I do love the brandability of salesmen that don't get paid based on the profit!
Matt Lamoureux
Having employees buy into the why of your company is good advice. Thank you. I suggest accentuating that philosophy further with a pay plan designed to motivate those behaviors that drive loyalty.

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