Shouldn't a CRM empower the sales team?

Danial Clark
Hi Martha, We are in the world that needs change in every steps & it is proved in terms of business too every thing need upgradation and in business CRM is the most upgrade system for empowring your business..
Keith Shetterly
Hi Martha! One of the things a good CRM can do is provide exactly that, empowerment. When I was eCommerce Director, the CRM usage was very important--but the issue is two-fold. First, the CRM must empower the sales staff with right tools for the job; second, the sales management must exert power to enforce consistent usage. The first problem in CRM usage is entering ALL the ups, which CRMs can help make convenient but salespeople are prone to ignoring; the second is entering bad phone numbers, etc. on purpose to skip through steps to the sale. We have four years of call center data to support those points, and more, and I'm doing sort of a road show about it this year at some of the trade show events. Feedback from dealers on what the issues really are, and some of the suggested actions to get them under control is strong. Write me here if you want more details. Thanks!
Stan Sher
A few factors to consider. There dealerships that still do not put computers on sales people desks. Also, management does not place emphasis on using it and that is why sales people run wild. I can't tell you how many stores I visit only to find that the CRM is out of whack.
Danial Clark
Keith you were right , it's totally depend on the usage of the CRM or any other software,If you didn't work well with these you can't get the good results.
Mark McElwee
YES. a CRM should empower the sale team. Most CRM's I've worked with inside a dealership hinder the sales process. They are designed in the back of the dealership by those wishing to collect data. They are database oriented. A good CRM should be designed from the front of the house and designed around the sales process, and then the data that is necessary for the back-of-house records should/can be extrapolated. I haven't worked with a CRM in quite a while until just recently. My current employer is utilizing, and it is fantastic. I couldn't be happier.

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