Showroom Synergy

Ron Henson
What challenges have you faced in getting the desk and the Internet or BDC Dept to work as a cohesive unit? How have you overcome these challenges successfully in your dealership?
Sheri Hudspeth
Im looking forward to the answers from this question, Thanks for posting Ron. Our dealership just started a BDC 2 months ago we also have an internet dept that runs separate from the BDC. Our BDC uses Auto Alert which has been good at bringing in peripheral business from past customers, manifest lists and the service drive. Where the Internet department answers chat leads and inbound enquiry's from the website and 3rd party leads (, auto trader, craigslist etc). The BDC turns to the desk who picks a salesperson when the appointment arrives, vs the separate internet dept who helps the appointments he sets directly as he is a salesman. Our biggest challenge is getting the salesmen excited about helping the BDC appointments as they would rather "wait for an up" then help people who may be further out or just curious about a future purchase. Anyone have a different process or a way to overcome this, we are still ironing out our BDC process.
Jerry Thibeau
Sheri, Don't your salespeople know that appointments that show will close on average 50% of the time? One would have to be an idiot to refuse a BDC appointment. Walk-in traffic closes at about 20%. Even if I only got have the commission I am still making more money than waiting on walk-ins. And I am guessing there is no pay deduction for taking a BDC customer. Walk-in close rate on 10 customers x 20% = 2 sales @ $300 commission = $600 BDC appointments close rate on 10 customers x 50% = 5 sales @ $150 commission = $750 This ain't rocket science! Post this on the lunch board for the knuckleheads to see!
Sheri Hudspeth
Thanks for the response Jerry, and maybe my wording is the problem. The sales guys love BDC appointments when they are sales appointments, but quite a few are from the Service Drive and doing vehicle evaluations from the Auto Alert system to see if they can trade out their old vehicle into a new one. These "appointments" have been the challenging ones to get excitement about as not a lot of our customers are in an equity position. We are only 2 months into our BDC so still trying to iron out best practices. I will post up your numbers for the guys to view thanks.
Jerry Thibeau
The service drive is gold! I like to call them one day before the service appointment and tell them our used car manager is looking for XXXX and as a VIP customer, we would much rather pay top dollar for their car then to buy one at the auction. What if I can get you a new car for a similar payment with little or no money down? If you were going to trade could you go with something similar, bigger or smaller. Anyone nibbling on that is a good prospect and just one good salesperson away from trading.
mark rask
big challenges there...until the owner bought in to the bcd

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