smart phones

Shawn Vieira
Wondering who is using a blackberry or iPhone type of device. And if they work with GM Dealerworld and R&R Contact Management.
Shawn Vieira
Come on, anybody? I would like to find out before I start going through phones and service providers in an attempt to find one that does. Somebody must be able to say "I have a XXXX and it works with gm global connect" or "My XXXX does not work with gm global connect" any help would be greatly appreciated. I am not trying to sell anything, so feel free to respond.
Susan Burgess
As a Internet Director, the only phone that I know to be compatible to any CRM software is the Blackberry and it's able to do a limited Salesforce application built for it. The iPhone is the same too.
Jim Chamberlain
I use my Blackberry with R&R Contact Management, but only to be notified of the emails.
Shawn Vieira
AnyBody??? Really??? Two people only??? All I want to know is does anybody access and use GMDealerworld or GMglobalconnect on a smartphone? The dealership is finally getting one for the internet department and I want to make sure that I get one that works with the site. GM is no help when I called them, they said we can't support one brand or device over another. No matter how I asked the question they wouldn't answer. I use my current phone to notify me of my leads from R&R but I would like to respond to them from where ever I am at. HELP Please.
Jared Hamilton
If you have a choice in smartphone, and the goal is to be able to use any online site I would go with the iphone right away. I dont have access to GMDealerworld or GMglobalconnect but I can tell you this: The I phone screen is bigger, the browser is faster and the company DOES NOT need a mobile compatible site to work well on the iphone. Depending on the browser of the smart phone some sites will only work if they are mobile compatible. The iPhone will work with the mobile compatible sites as well as the NON-Mobile compatible sites. I highly doubt GM has a mobile app, but regardless iphone will work and and has a higher probability of working on other sites because their browser, and screen is the best out there... IMHO. PS I have had blackberries and now have an iphone and it is so far superior for surfing the web... its not a contest for me.

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