Social Media for Dealers: Too much work or totally worth it?

Shannon Hammons
It's not only worth it, but I feel a must. It keeps you in the public eye. Allows for positive and negatives comments. Gives a forum. Puts you in friends of followers newsfeed if they interact. Not really a "sales tool", but a pr tool.
Max Katsarelas
I think having social media accounts are better for monitoring the conversation about your store than selling cars or advertising coupons. Dealers don't need to be on every platform. Facebook and Twitter is where the most people tend to complain or praise about their experiences. It doesn't hurt to followup with reviewers on Yelp, either. Even if the commentary is negative, companies should followup and try to shift customer opinion. I have more respect for companies that interact with people who leave negative feedback about an experience than companies who remain silent and ignore those folks. Shannon is right, social media gives dealers a forum to really interact with customers and that's how it should be used.
Jessica Masterson
I like Max and Shannon's suggestions. It doesn't have to be an all or nothing approach. Start where the conversations are (about you, about your products, about your competitors). Have a plan, start small, measure and optimize. If it helps drive top/middle of the funnel actions (site visits, leads, referrals/recommendations, event RSVPs) is it still only a PR tool?
Larry Schlagheck
Question for Shannon, Max, and Jessica: How do you justify the time and money put against social media to your GM and/or DP? I agree it's necessary, but bottom-line ROI usually pokes its nose into these conversations.
Shannon Hammons
Not really an expense at my store. It's part of my job as Digital Director to handle reputation management. I feel social media falls under this. Ignoring Social Media will eventually be the downfall of some stores I think
Max Katsarelas
I don't work at a store so I can't speak to getting a GM or Owner on-board. Yet, it would seem to me that it would be an easy job for a GM to take on. It only takes 10-15 minutes a day to see what people are saying about your store or brand on Facebook, Twitter or Yelp. If there's a comment about your store, all they have to do is chime in. It's easy way for a GM or owner to really create a special experience for that shopper in seconds or right a wrong.

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