Social Media: Outsource or Manage In-House?

chris shreve
Hi Ron. At my current dealership we have the social media managed by both outsource and in-house. Outsource is great because it gives a behind the scenes look at what a manufacturer is going in the news whereas in-house works because you can tie it into your community. You can have your dealership's page like and follow other places in the community and often play off of each other to drive traffic. I personally like to post our reviews on Facebook just so the surrounding area can see how well we handle our clients.
Max Katsarelas
Good question Ron. I agree with Chris's assessment, Following and 'Liking' companies in your community is a great strategy to build up an audience. Ultimately, I think in-house is the best way to manage social media. It's easier to tie your posts/Tweets into the community and share dealership highlights, i.e. career milestones of employees or a customer buying their first car.
Cameron Hellmuth
We manage our social media channels in house. As a result, our posts tend to be more personal to the dealership and our local market instead of posts that tend to be suited for a national audience. The sites are managed by a few people at different dealerships so that the posts express different flavors. I believe a dealership can successfully manage a full social media campaign in house. You just must define your strategy, your process, and make sure that your posters are regularly engaging. We use the motto, "Don't start the conversation, join it."
Ron Henson
I completely agree with what you are all saying. It seems to me that outsourcing your social would sacrifice the "local" feel of the posts which is what drives the engagement. Cameron, I love the motto!
Wayne Carter
Guys, I think it needs to be both. We have staff that handles the community events, the 'touchy-feely' stories in our town. I feel you have to be likeable and have a personality, and you wont get that from a stranger. However, we also use Postling to monitor our web presence and they do a good job of giving suggestions to web activity. Dealerrater through it's 360 product does that as well, but in a report format which i like.
Max Katsarelas
If your team that handles the Tweets and such is also managing the Postling, I would say you're still managing digital in-house and not outsourcing to some agency.

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