Social Media Policy

Joshua Fichter
Looking to gather some examples of Social Media Policies currently being used by dealerships. Many times these policies are put in place and then not updated for the ever changing Social Media world. Please share a link to your current Social Media Policy or send me an email at Thanks for your participation.
Robert Karbaum
Do you mean internal (behavior) or external (advertising)?
Lauren Moses
At my last job, a bank, we had a policy that pretty much said unless you had them listed as your employer, then you could do, say, post, whatever you wanted. But if they were in anyway linked to your page then you had to uphold the highest of standards, even though the highest loan officer and VP posted pictures of him partying and drinking all the time. But they also didn't keep up with it enough to really see what everyone was posting and doing. That would have been a full time job for at least one person!
mark rask
I agree with laurens last job
Jessica Masterson
Disclosing a material relationship (who you work for) if you're talking online about the industry, your business, competitors--isn't optional. Some best practices on disclosure and policy building from "big brands" that apply to small-medium business too: If I can offer some highlights from shaping and updating SM policies for the last 5 years: - align with your culture and company goals - get HR/IT/Legal involved up front - be as general as possible (functionality changes overnight, new technologies emerge--a general, essentials policy has a longer shelf-life) - talk to stakeholders (sales, service, etc.) to understand to risk and opportunities of how it's being used today or how it could be used to benefit all - educate (make it part of new hire onboarding, bake it into annual policy sign-offs, train/skill build-how to effectively use it for the company & their own professional brand) Good luck! Let us know where you land.
Arnold Tijerina
I have a really good resource on social media policies for auto dealerships written by an automotive industry compliance expert. It explains what you can and can't do as well as what you should be doing. It's also compliant with Federal laws in regards to HR, etc. If you want a copy, message me your e-mail address.

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