Social Media sells cars

Russ Chandler
Yes, but there is still much we need to work on with software and process. I believe it within reach for those wanting to invest the the time and money.
Ron Henson
No doubt Russ. I'm a big believer in fishing where the fish are. Prospects spend a lot of time on social media sites and for a dealership, a social media campaign means a lot more than simply having a facebook page.
Russ Chandler
I'm looking forward to watching those dealers that take the lead in this area online. Looking outside our industry there has been some very large leaps ahead in software and best practices. Leveraging the data generated on dealers own customers is monumental for marketing. What do you think needs more attention strategy, process or software?
JD Rucker
I was on a call just yesterday with the guys over at Waynesville Automotive who were very ecstatic that "we actually sold cars last month through Facebook". As I've said, social media is primarily for driving foot traffic and website visitors. Branding and communication, as important as they are, can be the "consolation prize" that happens all the time while direct sales opportunities are sprinkled in at appropriate times. Long story short - I'd love to be part of any debate on the topic. Thankfully, I'm armed with real-world examples, so I don't think I'd lose.
Ron Henson
JD is ready to rumble. I love it!
Zac Keeney
The tide is turning and more stories continue to appear to support JD's positioning. He's spot on. I'm wondering from a different angle, how many dealers are using social to sell service? I know it's not as "sexy" as frontline car sales but from a market percentage the opportunity is 20x larger and the market recreates itself every 90-120 days opposed to a 5+ year term on a car loan.

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