Social Meida Analysis Paralysis Relief

Jim Leman
By Robert McClurg, Stone Meta Media Is all the talk about social media leaving you bewildered, frustrated and, yes, skeptical? You’re not alone. I see it in the eyes of dealer after dealer – social media information overload. Is the information and its promises pitched your way every day by social media vendors and pundits right? Is having a Facebook page really something your dealership needs? Have your initial forays into social media measured up to what you’ve been led to expect? Why does there seem to be, for so many dealers, a disconnect between what they’ve been sold about social media and how it is working for them? Unfortunately, this is indeed the case for many dealers. As a result, even you may be pulling your proverbial toes from the social media pool. This is a normal response when we can’t make sense of things, when we become paralyzed from trying to figure out often-elusive ideas and concepts. The good news is you’re normal, Mr. Dealer.
Lindsey Auguste
This is so true, and I don't know many who haven't experienced this very frustration. In fact, social media will be discussed in depth at this year's DrivingSales Executive Summit, October 9-11 at the Bellagio Las Vegas. Social media champions Gary Vaynerchuk and Jason Falls will be discussing it at length in keynotes while focusing on defining it, measuring it, and how it's actually worked within dealerships are practical topics in our workshops and roundtables. For innovative and progressive dealers, it's THE place to be this October to get the data, share the information, and avoid vendor pitches on social media ROI and other forward-think dealer practices. You can find more information at But in the meantime, what are some practices you use to avoid this type of social media fatigue?
Robert McClurg
Relief can be obtained by accepting the fact that you’ll likely never have the luxury of making decisions based on having all the right information about the best social media platform, strategy, plan or implementation. Define a goal for social media for your dealership and focus the information you gather toward that and filter out what is irrelevant to the current decision or task. Develop a trusted resource from within or without who can help you develop a better understanding of social media and its varied applications to the retail auto business. Vendors, consultants, seminars, publications, the Web and yes, probably even social media itself, can provide valuable insight. I will be speaking at the 11th Digital Dealer Conference in Las Vegas in Oct. The topic is "Driving Traffic to Fixed Operations". More info can be found at:

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