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Ron Henson
Recently I was looking to buy a vehicle for my wife. I thought twitter would be a good place to search out the progressive dealers in my market so I posted the vehicle I was looking for and tagged 4 dealers in my market that sold that particular brand. So DrivingSales Community, how many responses do you think I received? What are some of the processes in place at your dealerships to handle inquiries via social media?
Clint Jones
My guess is that you received ZERO responses. Facebook, we have no problems with. Our business Facebook is linked to two employees personal Facebook accounts so they are active all day long via their cell phones and computers. Twitter on the other hand, Ron I don't know. I will check, but my guess is that I would have been one of those 4 dealers that didn't respond to you.
Ron Henson
Thanks for the candid response Clint. I will finish this story, but I would love to hear from more of the community before I let the cat out of the bag. In the Consumer Experience study that DrivingSales completed it was interesting to note that the #1 cited influencer when consumers are deciding which dealerships to visit was referrals from friends & family, and specifically via social media.
Sheri Hudspeth
Hi Ron, We do well with FB and use "boosted posts" with targeted ads and it works well for us. I also like that it gives you the metrics and how many people clicked through to our website. I am the admin on our business page, I respond from my phone immediately though the "pages" app to comments and private messages from customers. I recommend it, most of our boosted posts get a good amount of "shares" and from there who knows how many more people see it. The bang for the buck is great. I ran an ad this week for a Chevy Cruze and it was seen by 12,000 people for $100. 133 Likes, and 121 website link clicks. Not getting those kind of results from print ads.
Ron Henson
Hey Sheri, Sounds like you have that process dialed in! Are you (The dealership) active on twitter?
Sheri Hudspeth
We have a twitter but I don't find it helps sales because it is more of a national audience. Our FB pushes posts to Twitter, but in 2 years i have not seen 1 sale from it. We have an Instagram account, this is more to show off dealership life and not for pushing direct sales. Through this we do well with the younger audience. Check out how we live in Redding CA - @officialreddingchevy

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