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Steve Devereaux
If you have experience trying to gain Facebook fans you probably know that it's not extremely easy. I looked into this company called Social Ups because I was impressed by some of their clients facebook pages. They use a few of their dealership clients in their advertising that have tens of thousands of facebook fans. I'm just curious as to if anyone used them before. Most of the fans are gained by playing a game on Facebook and the dealership gives away a prize to the winner. I did notice that NONE of the dealership examples they used had the generic Facebook reviews tab on their Facebook page. I'm thinking that they may piss people off, which is the reason they have their own Social Ups Reviews tab that I assume the dealership has the power to edit if they get a bad review. Please share anything you can about them especially if you have used them before. Thanks, Steve
Jordan Scott
Personally our dealership does not use Social Ups. I do however know of one dealer using it in our local area market. Fan numbers are great, but impressions are better. When I checked out our competitors FB page by Social Ups they were focused on fun. And that is exactly what you need to do on Facebook(great!). However, they focused on Car dealer fun and as you mentioned games - which I disagree with. The one thing off the top of my head I do not like about Social Ups is that they brand all of their photos with their logo. Your fans will see that it is not YOU who looks after it. If you can buy a car from anywhere why not brand your dealership and brand yourself showing how cool of a cat you are! Fans love give-aways and yes you will have to do this. but if you are relying on games and the same old car dealer crap people MAY continue to follow you giving you high numbers - but they can choose to block you. I checked out Social Ups while I was down in NADA. Their multi-platform software was pretty cool, but I would only suggest S.Ups unless you were rocking more than one or two accounts. I didn't get a feeling that they actively went out trying to capture fans. For the price they charge I would really hope they did, but again, didn't get that feeling. For a city of 65,000 people - we have the most automotive FB likes of only 515 (and we JUST started actively seeking fans). Every post gets an average of 1000 impressions. You could pay to put up a billboard some where and cannot get 1000 people a day to look at it. My advice: 1. Do not sell and keep automotive stuff out of your FB page. 2. Ask fun questions that elicit responses/answers(eg. If you had super power what would it be?). 3. Get on Twitter and Follow just about anyone in you area. Businesses, Radio stations and customers. Eveyrone wants Twitter fans and will follow you back. It is also difficult to spam on Twitter so you can post frequently where FB you should only do once a day. 4. Run 10 gift card give-aways a month at $25 each. Tell people they can win on your FB page. 5. Purchase a iPod touch or something bad ass to give away for a milestone like 500. Maybe an iPad at 1000. 6. Once you know you are giving away $250 a month in gift cards. Design some 4x6 cards that say "we're giving away $250 a month on our FB page." Get your service department to give those cards to everyone who comes through your service lane. People use Facebook and Twitter to break away from everyday life. If you are going to sell and tell people about your weekly specials it will turn them off. Never sell or promote on FB. Facebook is only used to be a constant reminder that your dealership is the place to be for auto sales. You can put up a billboard or a sign in a hockey rink. but you aren't engaging your customers. That is what FB is for. If you do not have time or do not have someone in your dealership to look after your social networking and you're looking for a company to look after this stuff for you - check out Wikimotive. Our dealership does not use Wikimotive. However, after checking out one of their webinars and implementing their suggestions we've been rocking our FB page. A client of wikimotive is rocking almost 22,000 Likes. CRAZY!!! If you want to ask any questions feel free to write me at - You can check out our FB page and get a feel of what we do. And we do this without paying anyone...Well besides the person who you appointment too look after the page while they do their every day job. Ill also let you know our competitor who uses Social Ups if you feel like chatting with em. (Sorry about the book) Good luck! Take care!
Steve Devereaux
Thanks Jordan! Really good information here. I agree with you about how Social Ups creates pages that it seems like the dealership isn't managing it themselves. That's really what's holding me back from using them because it would take away the how "real" our facebook page is compared to other dealership's websites. I appreciate all of this information that you wrote about this. I'm going to go over all of it and I'll try to elaborate some more when I get a chance. Thanks again.
Jordan Scott
P.S make sure you're not conditioning entry to your give-aways by uploading photos, liking status updates etc. You will have to check the Facebook Promotion Guidelines but I believe you can say you're running a contest and check out your blog to see how you can win. Take care.
Bryan Armstrong
Jordan, YOu bring up soooooo many great points here, THANK YOU! I remember sitting at a Conference listening to V.J. Voelker speak and he said " Social Media is not the silver bullet, it will not kill the vampire" (it sounded better in his accent). This from a guy who built a following of approx. 20,000 people and sold BMW's all over the U.S without listing a single "special". Engagement and showing the human aspect of your Dealership will win you far more business in this "avaerage car guy's" opinion. Good luck and Steve, let me know which way you go, I'd like to hear...
Jason Girdner
I would like to mention that Wikimotive is using the SocialUPs platform for their client Marlboro Nissan. You can play their current game here:

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