Software Question for new independent dealer

Micky Waters
Happy Monday everyone! What DMS/IMS/Appraising software etc would you recommend for a newcomer into the industry? We've worked primarily in the auto rental sector for years but have recently decided to expand into remarketing. We plan to open with around 7 units... so which, (if any), type of software is a necessity, and which would be best served to wait until we expand? Thanks for all your help!
Mark Miller
Are you just doing sales or will you also have a service department? The last dealer that I opened from scratch had DealerTrack for our DMS and they used Dealer Peak for their CRM. I've used ADP and R&R as well, I think they all do OK, but none are stellar. I'm sure someone here has a good insight for a smaller operation.
James Jalali
Hi Phil, There are many DMS software are available and they all have almost same features. DMS basic functions are, inventory management (keeping track of all your inventory, including, purchased from, purchased price), and Deals/customer management where you can package your deals/Sales and print contract. Some extra features are BHPH, Quick book integration and so fort. I have tried at least 5 of them, Automanager has been the best. with Automatic updates. The same rules applies to CRM. Before choosing our CRM, I got at least 12 demos, Dominion Webcontrol is Solid reliable and user friendly. Good luck with your retail operation.
Shawn Ryder
We work with Autosoft dealers and they all seem extremely satisfied with their services. In fact they were recently DrivingSales DMS of the year... so that says a lot from this site. Not to be too self serving... but we integrate with Autosoft to offer a CRM and digital marketing capabilities as well!
mark rask
Good advice James

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