Sold Customer Retention: Traditional or Digital

Ron Henson
I'm curious to know your methods for customer retention after the sale. Example: On the customer's birthday do you send an email, a text, a hand written birthday card? What other things do you do to keep the customer after the sale?
Chris Costner
Those touch points from the dealership are good I feel so the customer doesn't forget about you or feel they have no real reason to not go somewhere else when it comes time for service or perhaps another purchase. In my opinion, I feel what happens in the service department will play a huge role in gaining dealership loyalty. How is the customer's experience from the moment they pull into the service drive? Does the dealership have their own agenda with the MPI walkaround or do they listen to why the customer actually is visiting in the first place? I have seen it happen many times where the advisor has the RO as top priority and begins to sell something way out of the ordinary without listening to the customer and their underlying service problem. Service departments can change the dynamic by starting with the customer vehicle problem, then moving to any suggested work and if that work is declined, stating to the customer that they will be reminded once that work is more critical. Now taking it even a step further by advising the customer on what is in great shape on their car and what a good job of maintaining, makes that relationship and trust even stronger which in turn creates loyalty. So back to your question on traditional or digital, I feel it leans to more of the digital side with a strategic plan in place but as a salesperson, nobody ever called to complain over a handwritten birthday card I sent but it take more than that.
Grant Gooley
Text message is a great strategy. Simple, thoughtful, personal... I think it goes further than a card actually! Cards just sit on the counter for a week and then the garbage. Whats the point?

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