Solution to the Economic Crisis - Fire the Whiners

Eric Judson
If I hear one more person give me another reason why we cant sell cars I am going to punch them in the mouth. "The banks arent buying" - Yes they are idiot, just not like they were, so change what you are doing. "There are less customers looking" - So get out of your office and work the ones you have harder. "The deals arent as good" - Says who? Cars have always been expensive and they have always cost more than the customer told you they wanted to now you are going to start believing the customer? "We cant lease anymore" - yes you can idiot...there just aren't giveaways that any no talent order-taker could give away, so please quit and let me get a real salesperson who can do the job. Guess what...We sold cars when interest rates were 18%...we sold cars when they would blow up...we sold cars that flipped over...we sold cars in recessions...we sold cars that were uglier than a mud fence and broke down on delivery...we sold cars from empty showrooms...we so
Jared Hamilton
Well said! I appreciate your attitude and the pump up, your message is RIGHT ON TARGET!
Bart Wilson
I agree. I sometimes think that we all spend too much time looking for the reasons why we can't do something. When we find an excuse we latch onto it and don't let go. Once this happens all accountability is gone. Good comment.
Jared Hamilton
Think about when you play golf. Do you focus on the sand trap, or concentrate on the green. If you play golf worrying about the traps, you will spend lots of time in the sand. Focus on the positive, your results will always be better.
Kathleen Ritz
Can't say enough how much I agree with everything you said here... would love to talk to you about publishing some of the views you expressed... let me know.

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