Sourcing - How to Get Salesmen to source properly

Bobby Morales
I work as the Internet Director with a staff of 6 - 8 Internet Salespeople. It seems business has been picking up even more back there where we now produce from 30 to 35% of the store's total sales. Last year, we were running around 20/25%. The biggest complaint that my Internet sales staff has is with proper sourcing by outside salespeople. Recently it has become even worse to where it almost does not exist. What happens is when no sourcing is taken, the outside salesperson works with the customer and even if he does not close him and later gives back to the Internet salesperson to close the deal, the outside salesperson is on half the deal. Just today, both write ups were Internet Customers, one with a firm appointment, the other unannounced. Both worked with outside salespeople. On one we know was not sourced at all, the outside salesperson did not ask one question, just led them straight to the vehicles. Only when they came in and presented a "true car" certificate, did they now come to the sales tower and indicate they needed a turn. Where am I getting with this? Our Internet Salespeople are getting tired of this. They say they work harder than the outside salespeople hands down. They make over 70 calls per day, send quotes, answer back emails, make appointments and work their own deals. Since they are in the back of the showroom, it is hard for them to know when a customer is on the lot. To work so hard on many customers, that when one finally does come in; and not be able to work the entire deal because someone else did not want to source, they feel it is frustrating as hell each time it happens. Their question is: What should an outside salesperson say exactly in order to source the customer correctly. Just asking have you been dealing with someone is not enough as many times, the Internet person is engaging with them by email or text but has actually not met the person yet. What is a good line for the outside salesperson to use that would give a better chance to find out if the customer has been in contact with the internet department.
Clint Jones
It's not the floor salespersons job to beat it out of the customer. I tell my guys to be creative enough to figure out a way to get the customer to ask for them. Upper management just wants the car sold. They really don't want to referee every single transaction. If the customer ASKS to speak to the Internet rep they were dealing with, problem solved.
Dave Cannon
Here's something that worked for a few of my clients: Once a week, prepare a simple report that shows the source capture rate for each salesperson - divide the number of source codes captured by the total number of prospects entered. Just being able to see their performance compared to their peers turns it into a game, and they will find a way to improve.This works well with email capture also. You can have the desk manager browbeat the sales team to enter that info before they get a pencil, but if the manager isn't motivated they won't remember. I haven't found it's a matter of bugging the customer - the salesperson will find a tactful way to get the info if they're motivated.
Clint Jones
@DaveCannon "You can have the desk manager browbeat the sales team to enter that info before they get a pencil, but if the manager isn't motivated they won't remember. I haven't found it's a matter of bugging the customer - the salesperson will find a tactful way to get the info if they're motivated." Salespeople are motivated by money. It is the essence of our industry and the term commission. It is what pays all of our expenses. We need these people to be motivated in this manner. It sure is easier if the customer walks through the door and asks for someone by name.
Michael Bilson
Many Dealers use Conversica as an in-house bdc solution to solve the problem that Bobby is alluding too. The result is that all digital leads are sourced correctly (even sub-sources from same lead provider) and you can track the Engagement rate of all your lead sources as well as see all the back and forth conversations with the customer in the CRM. The Conversica persona will schedule appointments for sales and also follow up. This helps to eliminate these kinds of issues for many dealers and gets the focus back onto converting the next lead into a sale. @ Bobby...have you talked to management about a rule change or something that will keep the focus on customers??
Dave Cannon
@Clint Jones, definitely true. Some stores will run contests and give a $50 bill to the person with the highest capture rate at the end of the week. I usually prefer to run a few rounds of the contest in case the first one doesn't stick. For some behaviors, I don't think you need more than a nominal reward to help them get in the habit. After two weeks of actively working on something, the behavior becomes ingrained and it's now just something they do. Beyond the money, there's something to be said about knowing you're an excellent salesperson. These little behaviors can be annoying to develop, but if you know the value of them and you're able to get them worked into your routine, there's a satisfaction that comes with it.

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