Corey "The Mailman" Lassiter
I know some dealerships hate Gypsy Sales and gift seekers showing up with their hands out! I get it but, here's my question to any one who still does Staffed Events/Give Away mailers. What type of final numbers would you need to see to be happy enough to re-sign? Just did a 5 day (tues to sat) sale last week in Ohio with these final numbers. 728 UPS & 52 Units Sold $180,000 Gross! 24k Pieces Apt Set 901 Apt Set Web 191 Completed 105 Dead 37 Expired 26 Left Message 1 New Lead Web 172 Showed 230 Walked In 45 TOTAL 1,708 Would these numbers be satisfactory enough for you to re-sign? Yes or No? Why?
Clint Jones
For me, this alone is not enough information to answer your question. $180,000 Gross, 1/3 to the staffed event company, leaves $120,000, $25,000 to the mail house, leaves $95,000, of which about half could charge back. So 52 units @ $1000/copy in the bank (assuming the sales commission could be absorbed in the 1/3 and the mail fees) plus all of the casualties and bad feelings left behind. It is a tough decision. These sales can be a great shot in the arm, but the Circus takes a lot of that gross with them! As for your sale! Those are pretty impressive numbers.
Corey "The Mailman" Lassiter
Actually it was a 20k Ad budget....with 22% contract to us. And we average between $3,800 to $4,200 a round. We also don't let no deal leave the lot without an exit interview from your assigned guyto make sure the buyer wasn't promised anything extra...And, I know you trust your guys.. That was not our most aggressive piece. We have a few that brings traffic,a few that brings a lot of traffic and a few that brings the heat...hving a sale using one of the pieces that brings the heat the dealership is staying open til midnight because over 1k people will walk their blacktop...
mark rask
That is interesting....the numbers look good
Jason Stum
I could do an hour long rant on my distaste for staffed events. In 2014 I saw more of these carnie/gypsy sales in person than I care to even admit. I wouldn't recommend them to any dealership. Ever. There are so many better ways to spend your money that will help your business grow substantially in the long term. Don't be blinded by the potential short term gain to the detriment of your future.
Corey "The Mailman" Lassiter
Jason, why wouldn't you recommend them EVER? Most of our sales have the dealers selling just about more used cars in a week then they averaged in a month. We even have some who do them every month.....So, for some dealers they do work...

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