Staying Motivated

Travis Williams

How do you stay motivated when you have had a bad day or week?

Derrick Woolfson

It is not always easy to stay motivated. But one of the things I have learned over the years is to ask myself "why is it a bad day at the dealership? / "why am I checking out," and after time, I realized there is only so much one person can do. And instead of focusing the energy on things that were and are out of my control, I stayed focused on what I could do and avoided the negativity as much as possible. 

Drew Delaware

I was taught years ago to think of three things I'm grateful for - and on the bad days, it's an even more important practice. Shifting to a space of gratitude keeps things in perspective.

I also have what I call "the best worst things that ever happened to me." When I am feeling particularly challenged, I take a moment to recall that I always made it to the other side. That gives me confidence to take one step at a time and navigate my way through.

Finally, if I find that my mind is spinning, it can be so hard to do, but I take a few deep breaths, and if I can, I go for a short brisk walk. Getting some fresh air helps to change my perspective and getting oxygen into the lungs helps to calm me down.

Hope those help, Travis! And trusting that you come out the other side of that bad day or week sooner than you know.

Morgan Hardy

I agree with Drew about getting some fresh air. Our office is stuck in a hole upstairs with one window so taking a couple of minutes outside helps. Depending on the situation, I would try to switch my focus to something else and come back to whatever was causing me issues later in the day.

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