Taking Development Seriously

Brandin Wilkinson

We need to stop treating personal development as an afterthought in business. We tend to devalue the intangibles yet they’re the very essence of our success.

Mark  Nicholson

Precisely why Absolute Results is working on something to provide value to the industry.
No ETA just yet, and more to come asap.

Derrick Woolfson

Brandin, this is a *huge* costly issue - that if not addressed - can wreak havoc on smaller dealer groups. Especially independents! Sure, there are platforms out there that can assist in the development of human capital strategies. But the bottom line is that dealers have to wake up and take note of the fact that managers have to manage. Long gone are the days (which let's face it - never was a good strategy) that we can hire a consultant, and just drop them on the floor. Using the "sink" or "swim" strategy. Oddly, though, as much as GM's fuss over spending on AdWords or a monthly CRM provider - they will effortlessly waste ***thousands*** of dollars blowing through ***hundreds*** (yes, hundreds) of fully capable sales consultants. All because they *fail* to have adequate onboarding programs?! Or worse, when they do hire talent, which progress they do not offer the resources (which they have right in front of them!) because they - themselves - do not understand it! This has to be the focus I think for larger conventions. The tools are out there. It is just the matter of when dealers are going to take it seriously?

Brandin Wilkinson

Completely agree!

Chris K Leslie

Where would you suggest a person starts?

Brandin Wilkinson

@Chris ... right here

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