Targeting the Gay and Lesbian Consumer - Success Stories?

Joe LaMuraglia
As the owner of, I am curious to know if any dealers have success stories to share about advertising to the gay and lesbian consumer. We just completed a survey that shows that 40% of the lesbian and gay new car buyer has a household income over $100K and that advertising to them in gay media is the second most important way to get their attention as a gay-friendly company. We'd like to hear from anyone with success stories and are happy to work with anyone that wants to know more about this VERY lucrative market segment.
David Book
Hi Joe... interesting topic Are you suggesting that gay and lesbian citizens shop for cars differently, consume alternative media, or somehow "want" to be marketed to differently? I have no idea what is trying to accomplish that is different than any other online automotive portal or community. But, it seems to me that the gay and lesbian community has worked very hard to get their lifestyle choices accepted in the mainstream and advertising in a gay and lesbian media outlet simply to "tell" the community that we are "gay and lesbian friendly" is unnecessary. I'm confused. There is no reason a dealer should need to adverstise the fact that they are gay and lesbian "friendly" (as you put it) or African American friendly, or Asian American friendly or whatever. I would advise a dealer to continue to work hard to ensure that they are "Customer Friendly." David Book
Joe LaMuraglia
David, While gay and lesbians are consumers like everyone else, many of us have a different need set when purchasing a car and smart marketers will understand those needs as well as communicate solutions to them. In a recent survey of gay and lesbian new car buyers, 83% of lesbians and 64% of gay men said they preferred to purchase a new vehicle from a "gay-friendly" company. The subsequent questions sought to clarify what "gay-friendly" meant to them. Overwhelmingly, the respondents said a company offering domestic partner benefits is the best way to be considered gay-friendly, second was advertising in gay media, third was sponsoring events in the gay community. So to answer your question; yes, being considered "gay-friendly" is important to a large percentage of the gay and lesbian new car buyer. Drilling down to the dealership experience, I can tell you from experience that being treated normally when a gay couple enters a dealership is extremely high on the list. If a

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