Team Building/Camaraderie

Tony Wood
What does your dealership do to build camaraderie? To build the relationship that helps your dealership go from a workplace to a well oiled machine? Surprisingly enough, other than a small holiday party, or a small event here and there that only includes select people who sign up fast enough, there really isn't a whole lot we do for team building. However, the Sales team has taken it upon themselves to build that relationship. They've paid to enter bowling leagues together. They've paid to rent out a community center where they play B-ball together every Thursday night. They've gone golfing together, etc. It's pretty awesome to see this team take initiative to become more of a team and it shows on the showroom floor. There's still disputes for customers etc, but it's more of a family squabble and it gets resolved quickly and without major incident. What ideas do you guys have to help build that relationship? Are they ideas you've implemented? I'd like to hear!
Mark Miller
Only one dealership I have been at did anything regularly. They hosted an employee appreciation lunch every month. It was sponsored by a different department each month, and those employee's were responsible for preparing the food. It was always a big hit and enjoyed by all.
Steve Tuschen
Never anything ever consistently. I was able to bring our service department out for a pheasant hunt at the owner's place. We have rented out boxes at the local sporting events for all employees, and store lunches a few times a year. I have heard of dealerships, but I have seen other businesses have family night, on Thursday night once a month they have appetizers and inflatables and encourage everyone to bring their families.
James Litton
I think the trick here is for the operational guys to form their team spirit organically as they have with Tony. Selecting the right individuals to compliment the kind of culture you are looking to build is - to me - the limit of management involvement. I think keeping the balance between a professional focused environment which is a nice place to be, to an over familiar social centre which has potential for militancy, is not easy which is why you see - as Steve says - so much inconsistency.
mark rask
we do the occasional luncheon.....this makes me realize that i need to work on this

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