Telephone voip system

Dan FitzGerald
So we have outgrown our 4 line att cordless system. It has been amazing considering that we had to run no phone cabling and we could use repeaters around our lot to get exceptional range. We are to the point where we could use a few more lines and an auto attendant. My questions are 1. I notice that when I call a large dealership they have a secretary and not an auto attendant. Why is this? Am I going to lose my personal touch by using an auto attendant? Currently anyone that can pick up a phone line answers and its turning into chaos. 2. Should I hire a company or build my own system? I have a system configured with a lynxvox and yealink phones. Seems like its all I will need. 3. Im guessing an on site pbx is they way to go. Our internet is not the best. 4. Is there a phone out that that I can use that will give me cordless ability again? 5. What am I missing? Obviously many of you have performed this conversion and I am sure there are plenty of things I have not thought about. Thanks Dan
mark rask
you have to have a receptionist.....this is one of the most important jobs at the store
Dan FitzGerald
I guess I underestimated the importance of a receptionist. So an auto attendant is out of the question? Dan
Craig Ness
We just put in a voip system with grandstream phones. We were doing some advertising and the phone calls were being recorded. My rep called me one day and told me how many times people were getting busy signals. It saves some money....but the features are endless. We record every call in and out....I use it for training and alot of times the employees look at me and say "I can't believe I said that" There has been some frustration...particularly with the vender. He seems to overthink everything and not listen to what I want. The default for a bad internet conection can be going to a cell phone if it can't reach a phone in the system. We still insist on a receptionist.
Carl Maeda
We switched to a voip system a few years ago and its' been outstanding. They can do call recording, call tracking, extensions, all sorts of call routing and more. Everything is configurable through an online interface. If you shoot me a private message, I can give you their info.

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