Testing Positive for Marijuana

Tori Zinger

Interesting story here! What are your thoughts? Will this become the norm? Should it?

Derrick Woolfson

This is a very delicate subject, I think. That being said they are certainly progressive with their position on it. And while I think they offering that testing positive will not necessarily jeopardize employment - they are not offering that is *acceptable* in so far as they are not offering an 'opinion' on whether they condone it or not. What I find fascinating, too, is that companies do not test for alcohol, which can have just as significant of an impairment, no? This will be interesting to follow. 

Shannon Crane

We’re pretty heavy on anything here in Louisiana. We run hair screens because the insurance requires it for affordability. That said, before I started my independent BDC training company, there were a couple of legitimate quality candidates that I couldn’t complete boarding with at the dealership I was with because they tested positive for THC. If anything, I think alcohol should be tested, because when that substance is tested for, it looks for abuse levels of drinking, which is a verrrrrry dangerous habit for someone to have for everyone at the location, including customers. 

Amanda Gordon

Okay, so being a Denver Dealer this is something that industries here in Colorado face daily. Marijuana is a substance that  can stay in your system for well over several weeks past a person actually partaking. To screen for something someone has done let's say a month ago in my opinion is  not only unfair, but also counterproductive to a hiring process considering it is legal. You could be missing out on the next best thing due to the testing process. Being "high" at work is a total "no-no" just as being drunk or on other substances at work would be. Hair follicle, urine and even blood testing just isn't an accurate way of testing someone's true ability and candor in relationship to the job at hand when it  comes to Mary Jane. 

Tori Zinger

I think that's a really good point, Amanda! The question is, if you suspect someone IS high at work, is there a way to test for it that, for example, provides an idea of how much is in their system, which might then suggest whether they did it a week ago or an hour ago?

Kelly Kleinman

Being high and testing positive are two different things right?  Someone may be taking medicinal CBD oil and there is a trace of THC in it for whatever reason, so that would be the dynamic Amanda and California dealers would have to weigh out in the scheme of things.  

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