Text the boss

Brad Wise

I would like to implement a text the boss program in the service waiting area. The idea is to get instant feedback on How were doing from "waiters in service .

Need a vendor for the text # , routing the message ect



Aidan Nevin

Hey Brad,

DealerRater has a solution for you, give me a call when you get a chance! (888)445-2757

-Aidan Nevin

Chris K Leslie

Brad, you could always use Google Voice for that. It's free and keeps track of the message inside the voice dashboard as well as can be forwarded to where ever. 

mark rask

sounds like a great idea.....can yo do it through the crm at your dealership?

Big Tom LaPointe

Our gm used to give out his cell phone number at new owner orientation. We rarely got a call but got miles out of the gesture. Posted on the wall Kama your own number probably wouldn't get very much action and a lot of people might not even believe it's the real boss. May not want to post it online though LOL

mark rask

Tom has a good point...the gesture would be appreciated and would go a long way 

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