That End Of The Month Feeling?

Megan Barto
Do your showrooms have a different "feel" (energy wise) at the end of the month/quarter? If so...........why?
Robert Karbaum
Today is especially unique. It's month end, and tomorrow is a holiday (Canada Day) so it's an odd mix of intense scrambling, and pre-holiday apathy. Very fun.
Lauren Moses
It's like a mad scramble around here. All month long I have been printing out old internet leads for the salesmen to follow up with and they haven't given it much effort. Today however, completely different story. We end the month today, but then have a four day weekend this week (Praise the LORD!), but we start a Month long sales event on the 7th! So busy to say the least. As I was just told "Don't want to make more work for you, but....More money for my pocket book!"
Megan Barto
Robert - our Holiday is Friday (Fourth of July), So our pre-holiday apathy hasn't started yet. In fact, just yesterday I realized Friday was a Holiday!! Lauren - maybe sit down with your sales guys and tell them "listen here, guys - if you would have followed up with your internet leads before today, it wouldn't be such a mad scramble." Use this as a training opportunity as opposed to a complaining (on their part) opportunity. I have an excel spreadsheet of all the shown internet appointments and I can filter it by salesperson - I print them out for them once a week and have them give me a status update. Yes - they have to HANDWRITE IT. It may seem rudimentary but it makes them see the customers and actually look them up!
Lauren Moses
Yea, I had thought about starting something like this. Even if it's one for each of them and just using their sales books. I receive all the internet leads and dish them out as I see fit, or deal with them myself if I have the time. Something to look into. Thanks for the input. And don't feel bad, I did the same thing with our four day weekend too. It's just now starting to sink in.
Ron Henson
Just think if one could extend the "month end adrenaline" all month long.

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